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Gijs Cox The Official Smashpack 2020.1

Name Length Size
Anti Up Vs Valentino Khan- Right Now Pony (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) Pn 04:39 47.00MB
Byor Vs Mathy- Dolla Disco (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) Pn 04:40 47.26MB
Da Boy Tommy- Kol Nedra Kut! (Gijs Cox’ Intro Edit) Pn 03:35 36.30MB
Diplo & Sidepiece Vs Oliver $- On My Mind Doing Ya Thing (Gijs Cox’ Intro Edit Shs) Pn 04:43 47.65MB
Ella Banks Ft Frenna’ Tabitha & Jayh- Medley (Gijs Cox’ 105 Bpm Extended Edit) Pn 01:31 15.46MB
Ferreck Dawn Vs Systematic Parts Vs Chuckie- Violin De La Nuit (Gijs Cox ‘toys Are Nuts’ Smashup Edit) Pn 05:17 53.47MB
Fiocco Vs Linkin Park- In The Afflitto (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) Pn 02:48 28.35MB
Fisher Vs Hannah Wants- Wanna Dance It Freaks (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) (2) Pn 03:36 36.47MB
Gijs Cox- Hands Up Zombie Nation (Gijs Cox’ 108-128 Bpm Transition Edit) Pn 01:28 14.97MB
Gorgon City- Roped In (Gijs Cox ‘corona Purge’ Intro Edit) Pn 05:23 54.39MB
Gorgon City- Roped In (Gijs Cox’ Deep House Intro Edit) Pn 05:44 57.95MB
Intro Tos 2020.1 00:40 0.23MB
Juany Bravo’ Street Slang- Gold (Gijs Cox’ 124 Bpm Short Edit) Pn 05:15 53.04MB
Kris Kross Amsterdam & Sdc- Ooh Girl (Gijs Cox’ Corona Intro Edit) Pn 05:21 54.01MB
Major Lazer Ft Fuzz- Original Don (Gijs Cox’ 128Bpm Edit) Pn 02:46 27.96MB
Mia- Bad Girls (Gijs Cox’ ‘dj’ Intro Edit) Pn 03:46 38.04MB
Missy Elliot Vs Culture Beat- Lose Control Mr Vain (Gijs Cox’ 110-135 Bpm Transition Edit) Pn 03:12 32.39MB
Nafthaly Ramona Vs Liberty X- Just A Little Matalo (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) Pn 02:38 26.71MB
Nafthaly Ramona- Loca (Gijs Cox’ 105 Bpm Extended Edit) Pn 02:35 26.22MB
Nafthaly Ramona- Ponte Tranquila (Gijs Cox’ 105 Bpm Edit) Pn 02:29 25.10MB
Preview Mix Tos 2020.1 (8) 14:33 33.33MB
Rene Amesz- Like It Deep (Gijs Cox’ Short ‘shs’ 124 Bpm Intro Edit) Pn 04:08 41.76MB
Seductive Vs Sisqo- Thong Drum Sound (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) Pn 07:53 79.64MB
Sidepiece Ft Diplo- On My Mind (Gijs Cox’ 124 Bpm Short Edit) Pn 04:24 44.55MB
Sosa Vs Dubdogz & Bhaskar- Dfcw Infinity (Gijs Cox’ 2020 Smashup) Pn 07:29 75.58MB
Tabitha- Jou & Mij (Gijs Cox’ Extended 130 Bpm Afro Edit) Pn 02:31 25.49MB
Team Rush Hour- Glijbaan (Gijs Cox’ 105 Bpm Extended Edit) Pn 02:09 21.76MB
Tom’s Dance Monkey (Gijs Cox’ 105-128 Bpm Transition Edit) Pn 02:41 27.11MB
Total size: 1,072.19MB (28 files)
Total length: 01:57:54

GIJS COX The Official Smashpack 2019.5

Name Key BPM Length Size
Beatles Vs Kraantje Pappie – Hey Feesttent Jude (Gijs Cox’ 160 Bpm Edit) 5A 80 02:56 6.83MB
Bizzey – De Duivel (Gijs Cox’ 93 Bpm Extended Edit) 8A 93 03:28 8.04MB
Buren Van De Brandweer – Laden & Lossen (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 4A 150 01:06 2.60MB
Burna Boy – Ye (Jason Imanuel Mix) (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 11A 105 02:11 5.08MB
Calvin Harris & Camelphat – I’m Not Alone (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 2A 123 04:38 10.69MB
Camelphat – Right Breath Right Now (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) 4A 125 07:00 16.11MB
Dankann – Escape (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 11A 126 02:38 6.13MB
Disco Boys Vs Criminal Noise Vs R3Hab – Around The World (Gijs Cox’ Cutdown Edit) 8A 128 02:42 6.29MB
Dj Mystery – Punani (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Mastered) 11B 150 01:55 4.50MB
Dubvision Vs Cutting Crew – Are You Dead In My Arms (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) 10A 126 03:22 7.80MB
Fatboy Slim Vs Shm Vs D’angello – Eat Sleep Shake Antidote (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) 6A 130 03:36 8.33MB
Fenix – Mr. Ego (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 6A 147 02:31 5.86MB
Fisher Vs Adam Beyer – Losing It In My Mind (Dimaro Vs Dave Winnel) (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup Edit) 6A 125 04:25 10.20MB
Fisher Vs Miley Cyrus – Stop Breaks Like A Heart (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) 6A 125 04:01 9.28MB
Frey Vs Inaya Day – Keep Turkish Showbiz (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) 4A 124 03:44 8.62MB
Gekken Huys – Confetti In Mijn Sokken (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Extended Edit) (Mastered) 5A 81 02:04 4.82MB
Gijs Cox – Preview Mix Tos 2019.5 0 46:16 105.99MB
Gregor Salto Vs Dj Vincenzio – Rum & Cocaina (Gijs Cox’ Trouble Smashup) 4A 128 02:35 6.00MB
Iggy Pop Vs Delayers – Passenger Bounce (Gijs Cox’ 150 Bpm Smashup) 11A 150 04:35 10.60MB
Intro – Dans Op Cola Lsd Xtc & Joyenegizer (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Intro) 4A 132 03:28 8.02MB
Isaac – I Want You (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 4A 150 02:18 5.37MB
Joyhauser – Elements (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 3A 130 03:29 8.06MB
Lazy Jay Vs Darkraver Vs Gijs Cox – Komt Float My Boat Dan He (Gijs Cox’ 2018 Partysmasher) 11A 128 02:32 5.90MB
Mayra Veronica Vs Tag Team – Whoops Mama Mia (Genairo Nvilla Remix) (Gijs Cox’ Smashup) 6A 129 03:54 9.02MB
Michael Jackson – Remember The Human Nature (Gijs Cox’ Acapella Intro) 10B 98 05:09 11.86MB
Oomloud – Rumbabox (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Mastered) 1A 128 03:03 7.07MB
R Wan Ft Big Ali – Walking Dead (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 4A 128 02:34 5.96MB
Sharam Jey Vs Tujamo – Crap Rappers (Gijs Cox’ ‘wtf’ Edit) 4A 126 03:34 8.26MB
Tensnake – Coma Cat (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Short Edit) 7A 120 04:14 9.78MB
Timmy Trumpet – Rubber Bands (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) 4A 150 01:30 3.52MB
Tinie Tempah Vs Kölsch Vs David Puentez Vs Stickmen – Grey Girls (Gijs Cox’ Smashup Edit) (Mastered) 8A 126 04:25 10.21MB
Tony Junior Vs Pennywise – The Edm Circus (Gijs Cox’ Halloween Clown Edit) 9A 130 02:14 5.21MB
Toto Vs Dusty Springfield – Son Of Africa (Gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) 12B 96 02:52 6.65MB
Urban Contact – Sorry (Gijs Cox’ 122 Bpm Edit) 5A 122 02:24 5.60MB
Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love (Gijs Cox’ Dancehall Edit) 8B 102 02:59 6.91MB
Yung Felix Ft Zefanio & Ir Sais – Mr Lova (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) 5A 95 02:49 6.55MB
Total size: 367.73MB (36 files)
Total length: 02:39:11

GIJS COX The Official Smashpack 2019.4

Name Key BPM Length Size
Beats For The Ladies 0 00:16 0.18MB
Beyoncé Ft Sean Paul- Baby Boy (Diaz&bruno Ft Gijs Cox Edit 2019) (Master) 5A 104 03:42 8.58MB
Bizzey Ft Yung Felix- Insta (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Master) 5A 94 03:06 7.21MB
Blasterjaxx Vs Chuckie- Honk Narco (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 4A 130 01:59 4.64MB
Boys Noize- Killer (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Master) 3A 124 05:51 13.48MB
Craissy Insomnia (Gijs Cox’ Epic Intro 2019) (Master) 10A 107 04:30 10.41MB
Criss Source- Hugs & Kisses (Jerome Robins Remix) (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 1B 126 04:08 9.55MB
Crypsis- Break Down Low (Gijs Cox’ Cutdown Edit) (Master) 4A 150 04:06 9.49MB
D-Block & S-Te-Fan- Fired Up (Gijs Cox’ Short ‘funky Beats’ Edit) (Master) 8A 150 02:29 5.80MB
Daav One- Pressure X Be My Lover (Gijs Cox’ Cutdown Edit) (Master) 5A 125 02:22 5.52MB
Delerium Vs Dannic- Whip Silence (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 3A/4A 126 03:26 7.96MB
Dj Funk- Booty Perculatin (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 1A 125 03:25 7.93MB
Dj Isaac- Burn (Gijs Cox Cutdown Edit) (Master) 8A 150 04:41 10.81MB
Dj Snake Vs Mike Cervello- Loco Child (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 7A 130 02:16 5.30MB
Fatboy Slim Vs Shm Vs D’angello- Eat Sleep Shake Antidote (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 6A 130 03:36 8.34MB
Fenix- Mr. Ego (Gijs Cox’ Short Party Edit) (Master) 6A 147 02:31 5.87MB
Freddie Moreira- Omlaag (Gijs Cox’ 126-105 Bpm Transition) (Master) 6B 126 02:46 6.44MB
Gijs Cox- Shakedown 2K19 (Master) 4A 126 03:31 8.15MB
Gta- Milky Cabrera (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 7A 125 02:04 4.82MB
Hardstyle Shit In This Mf 0 00:11 0.15MB
Higher Black Out (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 8A 126 06:21 14.64MB
Intro Tos 2019.4 0 00:23 0.22MB
Jayh Ft Broederliefde- We Leven Nu (Gijs Cox’ 95 Bpm Extended Edit) (Master) 12A 95 02:38 6.15MB
Joyhauser- Rtrig (Gijs Cox 129 Bpm Short Edit) (Master) 3A 129 03:43 8.61MB
Lunaman- Nutcracka (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 9A 95 01:18 3.08MB
Moko- Fly (Gijs Cox’ Intro Tool) (Master) 7A 125 05:04 11.69MB
Niels Van Gogh- Pulvertum (Denise Schneider Remix) (Gijs Cox’ 129 Bpm Short Edit)(Master) 7A 129 03:43 8.63MB
Outro 0 00:17 0.19MB
Panic At The Disco- High Hopes (Gijs Cox 125-160 80Bpm Transition Edit) (Master) 7B 125 04:26 10.25MB
Qulinez- Hookah (Gijs Cox’ 2018 Short Edit) (Master) 9A 128 02:00 4.70MB
Sander Van Doorn- Drink To Get Drunk (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Short Edit) (Master) 9A 128 05:00 11.53MB
Shm Vs Oliver Heldens- Leave The Wombass Behind (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 2A 126 04:41 10.82MB
Sidney Samson Ft Lil Jon Vs Juyen Sebulba- Mutate Cowbell (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 4A 128 03:56 9.10MB
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano- In My Mind (Gijs Cox’ Lion King Intro Edit) (Master) 1A 128 04:10 9.63MB
Sxteen- Brum Brum (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Master) 3A 125 02:23 5.58MB
Tcts Vs Bep- My Lazerbeams (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 9A 124 04:39 10.75MB
The Official Preview Mix 2019.4 4A 127 14:58 34.37MB
The Official Smashpack 2019.4 Voice 9A 105 00:03 0.10MB
The Partysquad- Time To Rave (Gijs Cox’ Short 140 Bpm Edit) (Master) 12B 140 02:19 5.43MB
The Record Train (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 8B 150 02:19 5.42MB
Whoomp Gekke Boys Intro Tool (Gijs Cox’ 150 Bpm) (Master) 9A 150 01:31 3.58MB
Yung Felix & Bizzey- Last Man Standing (Gijs Cox’ 125 Bpm Extended Edit) (Master) 5A 125 03:04 7.13MB
Total size: 322.24MB (42 files)
Total length: 02:19:52

Gij Cox The Official Smashpack 2018.4

Avicii Vs Rudeejay Vs Robert Miles- Without Children (gijs Cox’ Avicii Tribute Edit) (02:31)
Boef Vs Blasterjaxx- Draai Het Longo (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:38)
Breathe Carolina & Kevu Vs Blinders- Snakecharmer Ravers (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (02:37)
Calvin Harris Vs Quintino- One Brasil Kiss (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (02:17)
Dj Rebel Vs Trh- Kickin Loud Music (gijs Cox’ 2018 Festival Smashup) (01:52)
Do My Ladies Run Universal Nation (gijs Cox’ 107-138 Bpm) (10:09)
Freaky Loyal Devotion Thoughts (gijs Cox’ 100-128bpm Transition Tool) (04:58)
Freaxicated Friday (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:23)
Mc Fioti’ J Balvin & Steffi Don Vs Afro Bros- Bum Bum Junglefro (gijs Cox’ 2018 Festival Smasher) (02:42)
Operator Fakers (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (02:59)
Pjanoo Shout Himalaya (gijs Cox’ 2018 Intro Smashup) (02:54)
Put My Bass Up (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:25)
The Opposites Vs Lady Bee Vs Throttle- Hey Pinjata (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:01)
Throttle Vs Snakehips Vs Don Diablo- Don’t Change Me (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (03:05)
Tom&jame Vs Dj Kuba- Drop The Beat Like That (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:01)

Gij Cox The Official Smashpack 2018.3

Bingo Players Ft Dibs & Mgm Vs Quintino- Woeste Rattle (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (03:05)
Ciara & Justin Timberlake- Love’ Sex & Magic (gijs Cox’ 2018 Bootleg) (04:12)
Dv & Lm Vs Ronnie Flex Vs Jeff- Slow 212 Down Pats(er) (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:26)
Fergie Vs Wm Vs Yves V- Tokyolicious Sound (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:16)
Garmiani Vs Vk Vs Da Hool Hey Ho Mf Pump The Parade (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (05:10)
Gijs Cox Vs Drake & Rihanna- Take Care 2018 (personal Bootleg) (04:57)
Gijs Cox- Believer 2018 (gijs Cox’ Imagine Dragons Refix) (04:57)
Komt Float My Boat Dan He (gijs Cox’ 2018 Partysmasher) (02:33)
Kura Vs Dave Silcox- The Tora Joker (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:18)
Lion King (gijs Cox’ 2018 Bootleg) (02:47)
Major Lazer Vs Krajno- Boom Anatolia (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:06)
Micha Moor Vs Wolfpack- Outta Point Break (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (03:33)
Ms Vs Big Shaq- Mens Not Hoxicated (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:42)
Plop Vs Kees Sjansen Vs D-rashid- Kabouter Shooters (gijs Cox’ 2018 Moombahshup) (03:36)
Pussycat Dolls Vs Kees Sjansen- Don’t Ya (gijs Cox’ 2018 Intro Edit) (05:00)
Route 94 Vs Dannic & Silvio Economo- My Love In No Dip (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (05:30)
Steve Aoki Ft Dv&lm- The Feedback Is On Fire (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (03:07)
Sweet Heads Will Dream (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:47)
The Opposites Vs Bingo Players- Hey Dj Bust Dis (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (02:52)
Tiësto & Don Diablo Vs Quintino- Chemical Emf (gijs Cox’ 2018 Smashup) (04:17)

Deejay-Gijs Cox Smashpack Vol. 7 [2017]

Akon vs Henry Fong vs Galantis vs Major Lazer- Sexy Bitch Light It Up & Runaway! (Gijs Cox’ 2017 SUPERSMASHUP!) (03:34)
Blasterjaxx vs Kill The Buzz vs DV&LM vs Steve Aoki- No Sleep & We Break The Legend (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (03:47)
CamelPhat vs Gijs Cox- I Took A Paradigm (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Club Smasher) (03:38)
D12 vs Eric Mendoza- My Greece (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (06:15)
Dannic vs Kura- Loki Noise (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (03:58)
Dubvision vs KIIDA- Getht’s Fork (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (03:49)
Duke Dumont vs David Guetta- My Baby Shot Me Ocean Drive (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (04:30)
Florida vs Don Diablo- Greenlight Switch (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup!) (04:41)
George Michael vs Ummet Ozcan- Careless Whisper Don’t Stop (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup!) (05:00)
Gijs Cox- Tom’s Closer Smack (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (03:18)
Global Deejays vs Sandro Silva- Get Epic (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (04:21)
Hardwell vs Bobby Rock- Make Noise & Party Till The Daylight (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (03:51)
Hiisak & Djerem vs Roger Sanchez- Turn On La Paz (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (04:01)
Papa Roach vs Ummet Ozcan vs Lil Jon vs MAKJ- Let’s Get Your Hands Up Last Resort (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (04:27)
Robbie Williams vs Bingo Players- Angels Mode (Gijs Cox’ 2017 PARTYSMASHER) (04:27)
Sean Paul vs Tommy Trash- Get K.D.A. (Gijs Cox’ 2017 SMASHUP) (03:50)
Sean Paul- Trumpets (Gijs Cox’ 2017 EPIC 128-100-128 Bpm Transition Smasher!) (05:09)
Taio Cruz vs A-Track vs Basement Jaxx- Where’s Your Jumbo Hangover At (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (04:08)
TT vs Daft Punk vs Gijs Cox- Who is Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (03:32)
Zonderl. vs L.U.V.- Bad & Tunnel Vision (Gijs Cox’ 2017 Smashup) (04:31)