Question: I’ve connected to the vault, but when I try to download I get an error: “file transfer failed”.
Aanswer: Simply set your download location as shown in the video tutorial (Click here to watch)

Question: My vault traffic is over. Can I add more traffic?
Answer: Yes. You can renew your account and add more traffic and days to your account at any time – simply Click here!

Question: I’ve completed my payment and yet my account is not activated. Why?
Answer: As we are processing all account activations manually by hand, please allow up to 12h (usually it’s much faster) for the update of your account. You will receive an email when it’s done.

Question: How to search for a song inside the vault (Using Filezilla)?
Answer: Connect to the vault and choose the folder that you want to search. Click on the “red binocular” on the top to perform the search.