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Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 11

Name Length Size
Curbi – I’m The Ish (David S Electro Smash Up)[Clean] 03:15 7.44MB
Curbi – Took The Night (David S Flip It Bootleg)[Clean] 03:15 7.44MB
Danny Diggz – Fire Burning (Hype Vocal Intro Quick Hitter Edit (Acp Outro))[Clean] 03:15 7.45MB
Danny Diggz – Fire Burning (Hype Vocal Intro Quick Hitter Edit (Acp Outro))[Dirty] 03:15 7.45MB
David Guetta Ft. Akon Zuffo Holy Goof & Notion Ft. Mila Falls – Sexy Bitch (Nelson S 2K20 Future House Edit)[Dirty] 03:12 7.33MB
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (David S Future House Remix)[Clean] 03:07 7.18MB
Discotech – Funk You Up (Discotech Edit)[Clean] 03:10 7.26MB
Dj Beatbreaker – Heartless (Short Edit)[Dirty] 03:15 7.45MB
Dj Holla – The Real La Di Da Di (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:13 7.38MB
Dj Riz – Don’t Look For Respect (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:07 7.16MB
Dj Riz – Have You Ever Pumped It Up (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:05 7.09MB
Dj Riz – I Get Money Break (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:09 7.24MB
Dj Riz – Suave Culo (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:14 7.43MB
Dj Riz – Survivor Like You (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:11 7.29MB
Dj Skillz – Macarena V1 (Skillz Edit)[Clean] 03:10 7.29MB
Dj Skillz – Macarena V1 (Skillz Hype Vocal Intro Edit)[Clean] 03:10 7.29MB
Hardwell & Henry Fong – Nothin On You (David S Twerk Bootleg)[Clean] 03:11 7.30MB
Jake Reno – Betty Hit The Floor (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:06 7.10MB
Jake Reno – Mrs. Robinson (Orig. Mix (137-97))[Clean] 03:11 7.32MB
Jake Reno – You’re The One That I Want (Jake Reno Edit)[Clean] 03:03 7.02MB
Martin Garrix’ Botnek – Took The Night (David S. Animals Smash Up)[Clean] 03:09 7.25MB
Miley Cyrus Dazz’ Calvo & Salena Mastroianni – Party In U.s.a (Nelson S 2K20 House Reboot)[Clean] 03:07 7.17MB
Oomloud – I Got A Feeling (David S Body Pop Mash Up)[Clean] 03:03 7.02MB
Serafin – I Love Tribal Music (Serafin Tribal Edit)[Clean] 03:03 7.01MB
Serafin – I Love Tribal Music (Serafin Tribal Hype Vocal Edit)[Clean] 03:03 7.01MB
Serani – No More Games (The Goodfellas Beatapella)[Clean] 03:12 7.33MB
Sizzahandz Vs. Aerosmith Vs. Diddy – Janie’s Got A Drum (Sizzahandz Redrum Mashup)[Clean] 03:08 7.20MB
Sizzahandz Vs. Chill Rob G – The Power (Sizzahandz Bpm Transition)[Clean] 03:05 7.10MB
The Goodfellas – You’re A Jerk (The Goodfellas Drum Edit)[Dirty] 03:07 7.17MB
Valentino Khan’ Flo Rida – Get Low (David S. Deep Down Low Mash Up)[Dirty] 03:09 7.22MB
Total size: 217.40MB (30 files)
Total length: 01:34:40

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 10

Name Length Size
Chelley – Took The Night (David S 2019 Mash Up)[Clean] 03:25 7.83MB
Crooklyn Clan – Like Dat Body (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:22 7.73MB
Crooklyn Clan – Sum Different Ish Pt. 2 (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:19 7.61MB
Danny Diggz – Fire Burning (Hype Vocal Intro Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 03:24 7.82MB
Danny Diggz – Fire Burning (Hype Vocal Intro Quick Hitter Edit)[Dirty] 03:24 7.82MB
Discotech – The Blue Monday Transition (Orig. Mix (100-130))[Clean] 03:18 7.58MB
Dj Beatbreaker – The Party Up Transition (Hype Vocal Edit (127-101))[Dirty] 03:20 7.67MB
Dj Class – I’m The Ish (David S Tribal Mix)[Clean] 03:26 7.87MB
Dj Class – I’m The Ish (David S. Edm Remix With Lil Hype Intro)[Dirty] 03:21 7.70MB
Dj Greg J – Kiss (Greg J Edit)[Clean] 03:26 7.87MB
Dj Greg J – Savior (Greg J Remix)[Dirty] 03:25 7.84MB
Dj Holla – Mary Jane (Dj Holla Edit)[Dirty] 03:27 7.93MB
Dj Holla – Robot Roof Rock (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:16 7.48MB
Dj Holla – U-Way (Orig. Mix (115-106))[Dirty] 03:20 7.65MB
Dj Riz – Forgot About Children (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:22 7.74MB
Dj Riz – One More Lick (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:21 7.68MB
Flo Rida & Kesha – Right Round 2022 (Starjack House Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 03:23 7.79MB
Hi Tack & Steff Da Campo – I Got A Feeling (David S 2021 Big Room Mash Up)[Clean] 03:25 7.85MB
Iyaz – Replay (Nelson S Clapella Intro)[Clean] 03:22 7.72MB
Iyaz – Replay 2K17 (Beat In Mix) (Mombah Rmx) (Acapella Mix Scratch Into)[Clean] 03:22 7.72MB
Jake Reno – Give A Little Bit (Orig. Mix (16Bin))[Clean] 03:17 7.52MB
Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Nelson S Epic Intro (Transition))[Clean] 03:19 7.60MB
Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Clean] 03:15 7.47MB
Serafin – Forever Young Lighters Up (Serafin B-More Quick Hitter Edit)[Dirty] 03:26 7.89MB
Serafin – I Like To Move It Bitch (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:22 7.73MB
Serafin – When Love Takes Harder’ Better’ Faster’ Stronger (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:20 7.65MB
Spankers Vs Viktor Mora Vincent & Diaz – Sex On The Beach (Nelson S Clapella Party Starter)[Dirty] 03:21 7.71MB
The Unknown – Groove Is In The Heart (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:19 7.62MB
Trey Songz – Say Aah (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:21 7.68MB
Windy City Syndicate – I Like The Way You Move (Bldd Edit)[Clean] 03:25 7.84MB
Total size: 231.59MB (30 files)
Total length: 01:40:53

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 9

Name Length Size
Black Eyed Peas Vs Sidney Samson – Boom Boom Riverside (Dj Sequel Mashup)[Dirty] 03:30 8.03MB
Blasterjaxx – Memories (David S Edm Banger)[Clean] 03:30 8.02MB
Blasterjaxx – Memories (David S Edm Banger)[Dirty] 03:30 8.02MB
Curbi – Carry Out (David S Future House Blend)[Clean] 03:30 8.02MB
Danny Diggz – No Games Bam Bam (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:31 8.08MB
Danny Diggz – No Games Bookshelf (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:33 8.14MB
Danny Diggz – No Games Playground (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:34 8.19MB
Danny Diggz – Shake That Shooting Star (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:34 8.20MB
Danny Diggz – Shake That Shooting Star (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:34 8.20MB
Discotech – Enter Sandman (Discotech Remix)[Clean] 03:31 8.09MB
Dj Holla – Dance With Me Freak (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:36 8.26MB
Dj Riz – Sunday Shake (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:31 8.06MB
Dj Riz – Tin Man Tony (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:28 7.94MB
Dj Sizzahandz Vs. Sean Paul Vs. Kano – I’m Ready To Legalize It (Sizzahandz Mashup)[Clean] 03:33 8.14MB
Ester Dean – Drop It Low (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Clean] 03:32 8.12MB
Ester Dean – Drop It Low (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Dirty] 03:29 7.98MB
Jake Reno – B.y.o.b. (Orig. Mix (16Bin))[Clean] 03:35 8.23MB
Jake Reno – Bound For The Floor (Orig. Mix (16Bin))[Clean] 03:28 7.94MB
Jake Reno – Spiderwebs (Jake Reno Rework (8Bin))[Clean] 03:36 8.26MB
Jake Reno – What The Fuck (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:32 8.12MB
Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (The Goodellas Beatapella)[Dirty] 03:31 8.08MB
Serafin – Love Game House (Orig. Mix (105-128))[Dirty] 03:31 8.08MB
Serani – No More Games (Transition 72 93)[Clean] 03:28 7.95MB
Slvr & Lucille Croft – Memories (David S Electro Banger)[Clean] 03:35 8.23MB
Slvr & Lucille Croft – Memories (David S Electro Banger)[Dirty] 03:35 8.23MB
The Lonely Island – Motherlover (Dj Sequel Drum Refix)[Dirty] 03:29 8.01MB
The Unknown – Girl You Know It’s Untrue (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:30 8.02MB
The Unknown – White Wedding (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:30 8.05MB
Timbaland Vs Don Henley – Carry Out Dirty Laundry (Boogie Hill Faders Mashup)[Clean] 03:34 8.17MB
Windy City Syndicate – Beggin’ La La La (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:29 8.01MB
Total size: 242.86MB (30 files)
Total length: 01:45:49

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 8

Name Length Size
Britney Spears – 3 (Dj Sequel Drum Refix)[Clean] 03:40 8.40MB
Cidinho & Doca – Rap Das Armas (David S M.a.w. Rework)[Clean] 03:39 8.38MB
Crooklyn Clan – Im Not Feeling You (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:37 8.31MB
Dj Class – I’m The Ish (David S Tribal Mix)[Dirty] 03:45 8.59MB
Dj Fabian – Thriller Break (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:36 8.27MB
Dj Holla – Hype That Body (Hype Vocal Edit)[Clean] 03:36 8.27MB
Dj Phlipz – Champagne Day N Nite (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:40 8.43MB
Dj Riz – Ante Rag (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:44 8.56MB
Dj Riz – Ante Rag (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:44 8.56MB
Dj Riz – California Creamin (Riz B-More Edit (111-128))[Clean] 03:39 8.36MB
Dj Riz – I’m No Good Story To Tell (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:46 8.63MB
Dj Riz – Jackson Jive (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:42 8.50MB
Dj Riz – Krispy Adidas (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:45 8.59MB
Dj Riz – Superlicious (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:44 8.58MB
Ester Dean – Drop It Low (Nelson S Partybreak Intro)[Dirty] 03:40 8.40MB
Flo Rida’ Kesha – Right Round (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 03:42 8.50MB
Jake Reno – Just A Friend (Jake Reno Edit)[Clean] 03:44 8.57MB
Jake Reno – Shut It Down (Orig. Mix (105-126))[Dirty] 03:39 8.38MB
Jake Reno – Take On Me (Quick Hitter Edit (16In))[Clean] 03:45 8.62MB
Jay Sean – Down (High Impact Clapapella Intro)[Clean] 03:39 8.40MB
John Farruggio – The Way I Are (Farruggio Edit)[Clean] 03:39 8.39MB
Lmfao – Shots (Nelson S Fatman Scoop New Year Edit)[Dirty] 03:38 8.32MB
Miley Cyrus – Party In The Usa (Starjack Usa Chant Redrum)[Clean] 03:40 8.40MB
Serafin – Boom Boom Pow (Serafin Edit)[Dirty] 03:41 8.46MB
Silvio Ecomo’ Chuckie & Afrojack – Moombah (David S Be Intro)[Clean] 03:44 8.55MB
Sizzahandz Vs. Lloyd Vs. Kano – I’m Ready Shawty (Sizzahandz Classic Mashup)[Clean] 03:36 8.27MB
Stromae – Alors On Danse (Starjack 2K18 Tribal Vip Edit)[Clean] 03:41 8.45MB
The Goodfellas – Room Service (The Goodfellas Beatapella)[Dirty] 03:41 8.45MB
The Unknown – Unbelievable (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:42 8.48MB
Windy City Syndicate – Show Me Sexy Bitch (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:42 8.50MB
Total size: 253.55MB (30 files)
Total length: 01:50:30

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 7

Name Length Size
Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor (Dj Sequel Hype Drum Refix)[Clean] 03:52 8.88MB
Chelley – Took The Rattle (David S Mash Up)[Clean] 03:51 8.83MB
Danny Diggz – No Games Bam Bam V2 (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:50 8.78MB
Danny Diggz – No Games Bookshelf V2 (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:51 8.83MB
Danny Diggz – No Games Playground V2 (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:52 8.89MB
Discotech – Could You Be Loved (Discotech Edit)[Clean] 03:48 8.72MB
Dj Deville – Birthday Sex In Da Club (Orig. Mix (100-129))[Clean] 03:48 8.71MB
Dj Deville – Birthday Sex In Da Club (Quick Hitter Edit (100-129))[Clean] 03:47 8.69MB
Dj Holla – Boys & Girls (Orig. Mix (110-130))[Clean] 03:54 8.94MB
Dj Riz – Rockstar In B-More (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:47 8.70MB
Dj Riz – Swing Ya Hood (Riddim Edit)[Clean] 03:52 8.88MB
Dj Riz – Swing Ya Hood (Riddim Edit)[Dirty] 03:52 8.88MB
John Farruggio – Ghostbusters (Hype Vocal Intro Edit (Thriller Vocal Edit))[Dirty] 03:51 8.84MB
Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (The Goodfellas Do My Ladies Run This Acapella Intro)[Dirty] 03:46 8.67MB
Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (Nd Rock Refix)[Dirty] 03:54 8.95MB
Oasis – Wonderwall (Reggae Blend)[Clean] 03:46 8.64MB
Pitbull Vs Nicola Fasano Vs Pat-Rich – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (Deejay Technique Edit)[Clean] 03:50 8.78MB
Serafin – My Friends Got A Sexy Bitch (Quick Hitter Edit (108-130) (Acp Intro))[Dirty] 03:53 8.91MB
Serafin – Sex On B-More Fire (Serafin B-More Edit)[Clean] 03:48 8.74MB
Taio Cruz – Dynamite (Starjack Afro Hybrid Animals Surprise Edit)[Clean] 03:49 8.76MB
The Bladerunners – Head Over Heels (The Bladerunners Remix)[Clean] 03:50 8.79MB
The Bladerunners – Out In The Streets (Bladerunners Edit)[Clean] 03:54 8.93MB
The Unknown – April 29Th’ 1992 (The Unknown Quick Hitter Edit)[Dirty] 03:53 8.92MB
The Unknown – I Think We’re Alone Now (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:48 8.74MB
The Unknown – Money For Nothing (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:56 9.01MB
The Unknown – Your Love (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:50 8.81MB
Train – Hey’ Soul Sister (Nd Drum Refix)[Clean] 03:50 8.81MB
Trey Songz – Say Ah (Birthday Intro)[Clean] 03:49 8.76MB
Windy City Syndicate – Now You See It (Hype Vocal Intro Edit (Acp Intro))[Dirty] 03:48 8.72MB
Windy City Syndicate – Now You See It (Hype Vocal Intro Edit)[Dirty] 03:48 8.71MB
Total size: 264.20MB (30 files)
Total length: 01:55:07

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 6

Name Length Size
Bobby Lite And Dante The Don – I Don’t Care Electro (Bldd Remix Hype Vocal Edit)[Dirty] 03:56 9.03MB
Bobby Lite And Dante The Don – I Don’t Care Electro (Bldd Remix Quick Hitter Edit)[Dirty] 03:56 9.03MB
Chelly – Took The Night (Super Beats Mash Up)[Clean] 04:00 9.16MB
David Guetta’ Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (Starjack Vs Pb Hype Redrum)[Clean] 03:56 9.04MB
Dj Beatbreaker – Let Me See You Bounce (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 04:03 9.29MB
Dj Delirious Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Delirious Vs Noizbasses & Fnz Party Starter) (Delirious Mashup)[Clean] 04:03 9.30MB
Dj Holla – Nothin’ But Good Times (Holla Hype Vocal Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 03:58 9.09MB
Dj Riz – Dollar Bill Ya’ll (Orig. Mix (93-126))[Dirty] 04:03 9.28MB
Dj Riz – Jam On The Breaks (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:57 9.07MB
Dj Riz – You Belong To Ski (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 04:01 9.20MB
Ida Corr Vs Salt ‘n’ Pepa’ Aquagen & Warp Brothers – Think About The Phat Bass (Boogie Hill Faders Remix – Quick Hitter)[Clean] 03:58 9.09MB
Jay Sean – Do You Remember (Dj Sequel Drum Refix)[Clean] 03:58 9.10MB
Miley Cyrus – Party In The Usa 2017 (Kingz Vs Teddy Cream Mashup) (Anthem Kingz Mashup)[Clean’ Beat-In’ Beat-Out’ Mash-Up] 04:00 9.16MB
Omega – Que Tengo’ Que Hacer (David S Intro)[Clean] 04:01 9.20MB
Rihanna’ David Guetta – Who’s That Chick (Starjack Vs Pb Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 03:56 9.03MB
Serafin – Make Her Say (Orig. Mix (100-128))[Dirty] 04:03 9.30MB
Serafin – On To The Next D.a.n.c.e. (Orig. Mix (89-126))[Clean] 04:00 9.17MB
Serafin – On To The Next D.a.n.c.e. (Orig. Mix (89-126))[Dirty] 04:00 9.17MB
The Goodfellas – You’re A Jerk (The Goodfellas Transition 73 99)[Dirty] 04:01 9.21MB
Tiesto – In The Dark (Jersey Club)[Clean] 06:45 9.28MB
Total size: 183.17MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:22:35

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 5

Name Length Size
Britney Spears – 3 (Dj Sequel Hype Drum Refix)[Dirty] 04:09 9.50MB
Dj Beatbreaker – Heartless (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 04:08 9.48MB
Dj Class – I’m The Ish (David S Electro Smash Up)[Clean] 04:05 9.36MB
Dj Class – I’m The Ish (David S Electro Smash Up)[Dirty] 04:05 9.36MB
Dj Riz – Goodies Mi Canto (Orig. Mix (111-97))[Dirty] 04:06 9.42MB
Jay Sean – Down (Dj Sequel Drum Refix)[Clean] 04:07 9.45MB
Jay Z’ Alicia Keys Vs Frank Sinatra – Empire State Of Mind (Starjack Jingle Bells Xmastarter)[Clean] 04:09 9.52MB
La Roux – Bulletproof (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 04:13 9.67MB
Lmfao Vs Farruko Vs Lil Jon – Pepas Shots (Starjack Surprise Smashup)[Clean] 04:11 9.59MB
Lmfao Vs Farruko Vs Lil Jon – Pepas Shots (Starjack Surprise Smashup)[Dirty] 04:11 9.59MB
Rhianna – Rude Boy (The Goodfellas Bam Bam Remix)[Clean] 04:14 9.72MB
Serafin – Ms. New Where The Booty At (Orig. Mix (Acp Intro))[Dirty] 04:04 9.32MB
Sizzhandz Vs. Chicago – Calle Ocho Party Starter (Sizzahandz Classic Mashup)[Clean] 04:10 9.55MB
The Bladerunners – Breakin’ Bells (The Bladerunners Edit)[Dirty] 04:14 9.71MB
The Goodellas – Run This Town (The Goodellas Shook Ones Remix No Intro Edit)[Dirty] 04:08 9.49MB
The Unknown – Footloose (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 04:11 9.59MB
The Unknown – Get Out Of My Dreams’ Into My Car (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 04:08 9.47MB
The Unknown – My Prerogative (The Unknown Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 04:12 9.62MB
The Unknown – Sweet Home Alabama (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 04:05 9.35MB
The Unknown – Twilight Zone (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 04:08 9.47MB
Total size: 190.22MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:22:58

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2009] Part. 4

Name Length Size
50 Cent Vs. Audio 2 Vs. Sizzahandz – Milk Money (Sizzahandz Mashup)[Dirty] 04:18 9.86MB
Dj Holla – Canned Heat 2K9 (Dj Holla Remix)[Clean] 04:18 9.87MB
Dj Holla – Let Me Clear Eye Of The Tiger (Dj Holla Edit)[Clean] 04:18 9.86MB
Dj Riz – Give It Up Like I Love You (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 04:19 9.91MB
Dj Riz – Walk This B-More Way (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 04:15 9.73MB
Dj Riz – What Are We Gone (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 04:15 9.75MB
Dj Skillz – I’m In Miami Bitch (Hype Vocal Edit)[Dirty] 04:18 9.86MB
Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job (The Goodfellas Beatapella)[Dirty] 04:18 9.86MB
Foreigner – Hot Blooded (Dj Nitro Remix)[Clean] 04:22 10.00MB
Lmfao – Shots (David S Slash Bootleg)[Clean] 04:22 10.02MB
Pitbull – Hotel Room Service (The Goodfellas Do My Ladies Run This Acapella Intro)[Dirty] 04:21 9.97MB
Rascal Flats – Summer Nights (Starjack Redrum)[Clean] 04:21 9.97MB
Serafin – Eye Of The Fidget Tiger (Hype Vocal Edit)[Dirty] 04:15 9.75MB
Serafin – Eye Of The Fidget Tiger (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 04:15 9.75MB
Serafin – Fat Bottomed Booty Dew (Orig. Mix (Acp Intro & Outro))[Dirty] 04:22 10.01MB
Serafin – Ms. New Where The Booty At (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 04:20 9.94MB
Sir Mix-A-Lot Sidney Samson – Baby Got Back To Riverside (Nelson S Oldschool To Electro Dj Tool Segue Edit)[Dirty] 04:17 9.83MB
The Unknown – Red Red Wine (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 04:22 10.03MB
The Unknown – Walk This Way (The Unknown Edit)[Dirty] 04:18 9.84MB
W&w & Blasterjaxx – Falling Down (Edm Mash Up)[Clean] 04:15 9.74MB
Total size: 197.55MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:26:09
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