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Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 71

Name Length Size
Anthem Kingz – Song 2 Dutch B-More (Kingz B-More)[Clean] 02:18 5.30MB
Anthem Kingz – Under The B-More Bridge (Kingz B-More Edit)[Clean] 02:06 4.84MB
Bruno Mars – Grenade (Nelson S Surpise Blend Edit)[Clean] 02:13 5.10MB
Chris Brown – Yeah 3X (Dj Sequel Epic Intro – Short Edit)[Clean] 02:00 4.58MB
Dj Starski – All That She Wants (Starski Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 01:42 3.90MB
Dj Starski – Ante Up (Starski Quick Hitter Edit)[Dirty] 02:02 4.68MB
F.e.m Nicki Minaj’ Maluma & Myrian Fares Ft. Fifa Sound – Like A G6 (Nelson S Fifa Worldcup Mashup)[Clean] 02:01 4.66MB
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Boogie Hill Faders Remix – Super Quick Hitter)[Clean] 01:32 3.53MB
Kanye West Rihnna Jacked Tujamo Ft Jaxx & Vega’ 3 Are Legend & Black & White Brothers – All Of The Lights (Nelson S 2K22 Horn Reboot)[Clean] 02:16 5.23MB
Katy Perry – California Gurls (Nelson S Personal Hook First Intro)[Clean] 02:04 4.77MB
Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (Nelson S Personal Quick Hook Intro Edit)[Clean] 01:31 3.49MB
Kay Starr – I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Sturh Remix Boogie Hill Faders Edit)[Clean] 02:07 4.89MB
Ke$Ha Nicki Minaj’ Maluma & Myrian Fares Ft. Fifa Sound – We R Who We R (Nelson S Fifa Worldcup Mashup)[Clean] 02:02 4.69MB
Pink – Raise Your Glass (Starjack Aca Out Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 02:13 5.10MB
Rihanna Kolidescopes – S&m (Nelson S House Reboot)[Clean] 01:32 3.54MB
Savage Rihanna – Only Girl In The World (Nelson S Hood Edit)[Clean] 01:42 3.91MB
The Unknown – 106 Miles To Chicago (The Unknown Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 02:10 4.99MB
The Unknown – Another One Bites The Dust (The Unknown Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 01:49 4.17MB
The Unknown – Apache (The Unknown Quick Hitter Edit)[Clean] 01:39 3.79MB
Usher – Dj Got Us Falling In Love Again (Dj Tool) (Brando! 8 Bar Quick Hit Edit)[Clean] 01:36 3.67MB
Total size: 88.83MB (20 files)
Total length: 00:38:35

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 70

Name Length Size
Anthem Kingz – Eye Of The B-More Tiger (Kingz B-More Edit)[Clean] 02:26 5.58MB
Anthem Kingz – Hanging By A B-More Moment (Kingz B-More Edit)[Clean] 02:24 5.50MB
Anthem Kingz – Nu Nu B-More (Kingz B-More Edit)[Dirty] 02:23 5.47MB
Anthem Kingz – Wouldn’t It B-More Nice (Kingz B-More Edit)[Clean] 02:35 5.92MB
Boogie Hill Faders Ft. Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better (New Life Club Remix – Quick Hitter)[Clean] 02:37 6.01MB
Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Nelson S Rework)[Clean] 02:20 5.38MB
Bruno Mars Regard – Grenade (Nelson S House Reboot)[Clean] 02:42 6.21MB
Corey J – Rocky Theme Hypnotize (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 02:23 5.48MB
Daddy Yankee – Gasolina (David S Acapella Intro)[Dirty] 02:30 5.73MB
Dj Greg J – Telephone (Greg J Quick Hitter Edit)[Dirty] 02:32 5.82MB
Dj Sequel Bombs Away Big Booty Bitches Dj Sequel Party Starterdirty 5C515508A0Da6D000Eb39Aa3 02:33 5.87MB
Dj Starski – Aeroplane (Starski Edit)[Dirty] 02:24 5.50MB
Dj Starski – All That She Wants Moombah (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 02:22 5.45MB
J-Trick’ Deorro’ Hardwell’ And Quintino’ – Rump (David S Festival Stage Mash Up)[Clean] 02:30 5.73MB
Kanye West Rihanna Jacked – All Of The Ligths (Nellson S Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 02:35 5.93MB
Katy Perry Notd & Felix Jaehn Ft. Georgia Ku Captain Cuts – Teenage Dream (Nelson S 2K20 Tropical Reboot)[Clean] 02:21 5.40MB
Raven & Kreyn – Dirty Talk (David S No Playing Mash Up Quick Hitter)[Clean] 02:20 5.37MB
Rihanna – Only Girl (Nelson S Epic Hook Intro)[Clean] 02:32 5.82MB
Statik & Shock – Ai Se Eu Te Pego Dutch (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 02:20 5.34MB
The Unknown – Gimme Some Lovin’ (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 02:42 6.19MB
Total size: 113.71MB (20 files)
Total length: 00:49:31

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 69

Name Length Size
Anthem Kingz – Cold As B-More Ice (Kingz B-More Edit)[Clean] 02:55 6.68MB
Discotech – Pass The Dutchie (Discotech Edit)[Clean] 02:53 6.62MB
Dj Greg J – Blade House (Greg J Edit)[Clean] 02:47 6.39MB
Far East Movement Ft Ryan Tedder Mark Morrison – Rocketeer (Nelson S Mashup Edit (Acc – Acc Out V-1))[Clean] 02:51 6.54MB
Far East Movement Notorious B.i.g – Rocketeer (Nelson S Mashup Edit V-2)[Clean] 02:51 6.54MB
Far East Movement’ The Cataracs & Dev Got Some Atom Pushers 5Ynk – Like A G6 (Nelson S 2K20 Future Bass Reboot)[Clean] 02:49 6.45MB
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Boogie Hill Faders Remix – Quick Hitter)[Clean] 02:49 6.47MB
Jake Reno – Sweet Emotion V2 (Jake Reno Edit)[Clean] 02:58 6.83MB
Jake Reno – Your Love House (Jake Reno Edit)[Clean] 02:45 6.33MB
John Farruggio – I Will Survive Calabria (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 02:53 6.62MB
Katy Perry – Firework Clean (Starjack 4Th July Redrum Aca Outro Edit)[Clean] 02:49 6.48MB
Lil Jon’ Lmfao – Outta Your Mind (Starjack Aca Out Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 02:56 6.73MB
Lil Jon’ Lmfao – Outta Your Mind (Starjack Aca Out Mixshow Edit)[Dirty] 02:56 6.73MB
Maroon 5′ Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger (Starjack Aca Out Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 02:47 6.40MB
Studio Dukes – The Game Is Not Over (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 02:44 6.28MB
Swedish House Mafia Vicetone & Tony Igy – Astronomia (Nelson S Switch It Up Edit)[Clean] 02:51 6.55MB
The Unknown – Get Back B-More (The Unknown B-More Edit)[Clean] 02:46 6.35MB
Timbaland – Carry Out (David S 2019 Reggae Blend)[Clean] 02:55 6.71MB
Trey Songz – Say Aah (Dj Sequel Twerk Refix)[Dirty] 02:42 6.23MB
Usher’ Pitbull – Dj Got Us Fallin In Love (Starjack Aca Out Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 02:50 6.49MB
Total size: 130.43MB (20 files)
Total length: 00:56:47

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 68

Name Length Size
Anthem Kingz – Banana Boat B-More Song (Day O) (Kingz B-More Edit)[Clean] 03:01 6.93MB
Black Eyed Peas – Dirty Bit (David S Classic Edm Mash Up)[Clean] 03:00 6.87MB
Bombs Away – Big Booty Bitches (Dj Sequel Bigroom Refix)[Dirty] 03:03 7.01MB
Club Headliners – Rocketeer B-More (Clubheadliners B-More Edit)[Clean] 03:13 7.37MB
Dj Beatbreaker – Don’t Stop How We Party (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:06 7.12MB
Dj Greg J – Dj Got Us Fallin In Love (Greg J Edit)[Clean] 03:11 7.29MB
Dj Starski – Rude Calabria Boy (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:13 7.38MB
Drake – Over (David S Dub Step Mash Up)[Clean] 03:04 7.06MB
Drake – Over (David S Dub Step Mash Up)[Dirty] 03:04 7.06MB
Earth Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland Electro (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:08 7.19MB
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Clean] 03:05 7.10MB
Hardrive – Deep Inside (All The Good Parts) (Brando! 8 Bar Rework Edit)[Clean] 03:04 7.05MB
John Farruggio – Alegria Con Tribal (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:12 7.36MB
Katy Perry – Firework (808 Redrum) (Brando! 8 Bar Edit)[Clean] 03:09 7.24MB
Katy Perry Kastra & Blue Ivy Ft. Runaground – Teenage Dream (Nelson S 2K20 House Reboot)[Clean] 03:01 6.94MB
Martin Solveig Maroon 5 Ft Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger (Nelson S Whats That Sound Suprise Edit)[Dirty] 03:07 7.16MB
Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (Nelson S Personal Hook Intro)[Clean] 03:00 6.89MB
Rozalla – Everybodys Free B-More (Davey B B-More Edit)[Clean] 03:00 6.89MB
Swedish House Mafia – One’ Your Name (Pb Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 03:12 7.33MB
The Unknown – Say It Loud (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:06 7.13MB
Total size: 142.38MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:01:59

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 67

Name Length Size
Beck Vs Coolio – Fantastic Loser (Boogie Hill Faders Big D’s Mashup)[Clean] 03:16 7.50MB
Bombs Away – Big Booty Bitches (Dj Sequel Party Starter)[Dirty] 03:26 7.87MB
Club Headliners – Crawl Electro (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:22 7.73MB
Davey B – Carry Out Feel So Good (Davey B Edit)[Dirty] 03:28 7.96MB
Dj Getdown – I’m In The House (Getdown Edit)[Dirty] 03:19 7.62MB
Dj Greg J – Outshined (Greg J Edit)[Clean] 03:28 7.96MB
Dj Greg J – Sex Machine (Greg J Edit)[Clean] 03:17 7.52MB
Dj Holla – Shutterbug (Dj Holla Edit)[Dirty] 03:14 7.43MB
Don Omar’ Lucenzo – Danza Kuduro 2022 (Starjack House Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 03:24 7.81MB
Erk Tha Jerk – Hands On It (Yay Area Hype Intro) (Nd Drum Refix)[Dirty] 03:21 7.69MB
Iyaz – Solo (Nelson S Personal Intro Edit)[Clean] 03:26 7.89MB
Jake Reno – Here I Go Tipsy Around The World (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:14 7.41MB
Lnp (Ceo & Vinyl Richy) – Teach Me How To Shoulder Lean (Orig. Mix (Acp Outro))[Dirty] 03:15 7.45MB
Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Starjack Aca Out Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 03:24 7.82MB
Steve Angello – Knas Vs Witch Docter (David S Transition 110-128)[Clean] 03:22 7.73MB
The Jersey Boyz – What I Got (Jersey Boyz Edit)[Dirty] 03:29 8.01MB
The Unknown – It’s Your Thang (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:20 7.63MB
The Unknown – Outstanding (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:15 7.48MB
Tiesto – Dirty Talk (David S The Busniess Mash Up)[Clean] 03:21 7.69MB
Travie Mccoy – Billionaire (Nelson S Epic Clapella Intro)[Dirty] 03:31 8.06MB
Total size: 154.27MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:07:12

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 66

Name Length Size
Cee-Lo – Fuck You (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Dirty] 03:35 8.22MB
Dj Beatbreaker – Boom Boom Pow Dutch (Hype Vocal Edit)[Dirty] 03:32 8.11MB
Dj Starski – Just A Friend (Starski Hype Vocal Intro Edit)[Clean] 03:44 8.57MB
Dombresky – Cinema (David S Soul Sacrifice Blend)[Clean] 03:40 8.44MB
Eminem’ Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie (Starjack Epic Redrum)[Clean] 03:40 8.42MB
Ent Distrikt – Same Ole 2 Step (Starjack Line Dance Refix)[Clean] 03:35 8.23MB
Erk Tha Jerk – Hands On It (Yay Area Hype Outro) (Nd Drum Refix)[Dirty] 03:31 8.06MB
Eva Simmons – Take Over Control (David S Clap-Apella Intro Gecko Drop)[Clean] 03:53 8.93MB
Fedde Le Grande Vs Busta Rhymes – Think About My Hands (Boogie Hill Faders Mashup)[Dirty] 03:39 8.39MB
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Boogie Hill Faders Remix)[Clean] 03:48 8.72MB
Jake Reno – Switch The Line (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 03:31 8.09MB
Justin Timberlake & Timbaland Vs Don Henley – Carry Out Dirty Laundry (Boogie Hill Faders Supersize Mashup)[Clean] 03:34 8.18MB
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Nelson S Epic Bridge Hook Intro)[Clean] 03:35 8.24MB
Lnp (Ceo & Vinyl Richy) – Teach Me How To Shoulder Lean (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:34 8.19MB
Ny Hitmen – Hotel Room Service (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 03:40 8.42MB
Raven & Kreyn – Dirty Talk (David S Mash Up)[Clean] 03:40 8.41MB
Raven & Kreyn – Dirty Talk (David S No Playing Mash Up Extended Mix)[Clean] 03:35 8.23MB
Rihanna – Rude Boy (Dj Sequel Mixshow House Refix)[Clean] 03:40 8.41MB
Serafin – Let Me Blow Ya House (Orig. Mix (90-128))[Dirty] 03:53 8.90MB
The Police B.o.b Ft Rivers Cuomo – Magic (Nelson S The Police Intro)[Clean] 03:41 8.44MB
The Unknown – Groove Me (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:46 8.64MB
The Unknown – Hey Mickey (Orig. Mix (130-145-130))[Clean] 03:33 8.15MB
The Unknown – Mr. Jones (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:47 8.70MB
Travie Mccoy – Billionaire (Nelson S Epic Clapella Intro)[Clean] 03:33 8.13MB
Usher Vs Mobin Master – Omg Show Me Love (Dj Sequel Mashup)[Clean] 03:34 8.17MB
Total size: 209.39MB (25 files)
Total length: 01:31:13

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 65

Name Length Size
Bruno Mars – Grenade (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 04:08 9.49MB
Chris Brown – Yeah 3X (Dj Sequel Epic Intro)[Clean] 04:12 9.65MB
Chris Brown – Yeah 3X (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Clean] 03:57 9.08MB
Chris Brown – Yeah 3X (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Dirty] 03:57 9.08MB
Davey B – Cashin’ Out V2 (Davey B Edit)[Clean] 04:15 9.75MB
Defeo – Over (David S Future House Mash Up)[Clean] 04:11 9.60MB
Defeo – Over (David S Future House Mash Up)[Dirty] 04:11 9.60MB
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (David S Wow Mash Up)[Clean] 04:12 9.64MB
Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (Rise Up Throwback Mash Up)[Clean] 04:06 9.42MB
Jake Reno – Cry For You (Jake Reno Hype Vocal Edit)[Clean] 04:03 9.30MB
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 04:08 9.47MB
Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes (Boogie Hill Faders Original 2010 Remix)[Clean] 04:09 9.54MB
Maroon 5′ Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger 2022 (Starjack House Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 04:08 9.47MB
Martin Solveig Usher – Dj Got Us Fallin In Love (Nelson S Whats That Sound Suprise Edit)[Clean] 04:15 9.74MB
Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Starjack 2000S Redrum)[Clean] 04:12 9.65MB
Mohombi – Bumpy Ride (Dj Sequel Moombahton Mixshow Refix)[Clean] 04:09 9.51MB
Morganj & Maddow Manela Ludacris – How Low (David S Lose Your Mind Smash Up)[Clean] 04:07 9.45MB
Morganj & Maddow Manela Ludacris – How Low (David S Lose Your Mind Smash Up)[Dirty] 04:07 9.45MB
Pink – Raise Your Glass (Pb Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 04:14 9.70MB
Rihanna’ Drake – What’s My Name (Starjack Redrum)[Clean] 04:02 9.24MB
Rusko – Hold On (Sub Focus Remix – Deejay Technique 87-106 Bpm Transition)[Clean] 04:03 9.30MB
Sia’ Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 04:15 9.73MB
The Unknown – Hungry Like The Wolf V2 (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 03:54 8.95MB
Timbaland – Say Something (David S Dougie Blend)[Dirty] 03:59 9.14MB
Usher – More (Dj Sequel Hype Drum Refix)[Clean] 04:03 9.31MB
Total size: 236.28MB (25 files)
Total length: 01:42:57

Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2010] Part. 64

Name Key BPM Length Size
Afrojack – Take Over Control (Pb Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 0 04:38 10.62MB
Anthem Kingz – Hold Yuh (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 4A 100 04:53 11.19MB
Anthem Kingz Feat Dj Shokkout – One Electro Blade (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 1A 128 05:12 11.94MB
Cee Lo Green – Forget You (Starjack Vs Pb Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 0 04:31 10.35MB
Chris Brown – Yeah 3X (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 10B 130 04:30 10.30MB
Corey J – Like Smoke (Corey J Edit)[Dirty] 6A 98 04:53 11.22MB
Dj Greg J – Same Money To Blow Man (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 4A 126 04:21 10.00MB
Dj Mighty Mi – Hypnotize (Hype Intro Edit)[Dirty] 9A 94 04:35 10.53MB
Dj Mighty Mi – Staying Alive (Hype Intro Edit)[Clean] 4A 105 04:41 10.76MB
Don Omar – Danza Kuduro 2021 (Starjack Sax House Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 6A 124 04:15 9.75MB
Jake Reno – Hypnotize Rise (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 9A 98 05:13 11.96MB
Jake Reno – Stereo Love In This Club (Orig. Mix (78-130))[Clean] 12A 155 05:12 11.91MB
Jake Reno – Wanna Be Call On Daft Punk (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 6A 126 04:36 10.54MB
Juicy J Ft Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz Waka Flocka Flame Ft Roscoe Dash & Wale – No Hands (Nelson S Transition Edit)[Dirty] 12A 132 05:05 11.66MB
Katy Perry – Firework (Starjack Hype Redrum)[Clean] 4B 124 04:38 10.65MB
Lady Gaga X Vandalism & Angger Dimas – Paparazzi X She Got It (Nine1Four Hit Squad Squad Edit)[Dirty] 1A 127 04:50 11.08MB
Ny Hitmen – Fresh Dressed Rude Boy (Hype Vocal Intro Edit)[Dirty] 2A 87 04:42 10.77MB
Rihanna’ Drake – What’s My Name (Starjack Hype Redrum)[Clean] 11A 100 04:21 9.97MB
Salt N Pepa Justin Bieber Ft Ludacris – Push It To Baby (Nelson S Segue Edit)[Clean] 5A 130 04:52 11.17MB
Sia’ Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills (Starjack Hype Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 11A 95 04:25 10.12MB
The Unknown – Fame (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 4A 96 04:20 9.93MB
The Unknown – Feelin’ Alright (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 8B 90 04:37 10.59MB
The Unknown – Got To Give It Up (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 8A 123 04:25 10.13MB
The Unknown – Too Hot To Stop (The Unknown Edit)[Clean] 9A 103 04:30 10.32MB
Windy City Syndicate – Only Girl (Bldd Remix)[Clean] 10A 128 04:20 9.93MB
Total size: 267.37MB (25 files)
Total length: 01:56:35
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