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DMC Classic Mixes I Love Daft Punk Vol. 1

Daft Punk – Daft Punk Megamix (allstar) (10:11)
Daft Punk – Daft Punk Prime Time Cut Up (mixed By Rod Layman) (06:33)
Daft Punk – Get Lucky (dmc Hotmix) (06:24)
Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers Vs Chic – Nile’s Extra Lick Mix – Get Lucky Vs I Want Your Love (rod Layman) (07:17)
Daft Punk Vs Chic – Lose Yourself And Dance For Love Mix (dmc Booty) (dj Ivan Santana) (06:02)
Daft Punk Vs Earth’ Wind & Fire – Give Life Back To Music Vs Let’s Groove (dj Ivan Santana) (05:06)
Daft Punk Vs Lazy Jay – Technologic Vs Harder Better Faster Stronger Vs Float My Boat (ben Liebrand) (07:20)
Daft Punk Vs Tina Charles – Lucky Saturday – Get Lucky Vs Saturday (sanny X Mashup 2014) (06:41)
Various – Get Lucky Grooves (simon Price) (05:04)
Various – Snapped Punk (ben Liebrand) (07:03)